About Project HEALTH

Project HEALTH is a project of San Francisco’s Lyon-Martin Health Services, providing an innovative, comprehensive program that expands access to healthcare for transgender individuals. View a summary of our work here:

Lyon-Martin draws on thirty years of working with women and trans folks to address the systemic barriers that trans people face in accessing health care.

We provide training and technical assistance to California clinics and providers, increase community member and provider participation in health advocacy, promote acceptance, and work to bridge the gap between providers and patients.

Lyon-Martin Health Services

Lyon-Martin Health Services provides excellent health care to women, lesbians and transgender people in a safe and compassionate environment, with sensitivity to sexual orientation and gender identity; all services are regardless of ability to pay.

Over 60% of our patients are LBGT. The remainder of our patient population consists of low-income, generally uninsured, heterosexual women who appreciate our patient-centered model of care.

Lyon-Martin has served trans patients since its founding in 1979, and in 2005 we strengthened and systematized our services. Our great reputation attracts trans people from other communities where public providers lack cultural and medical competency and in fact transgender patients, compared to cisgender patients, are three times as likely to live outside of San Francisco.

On March 1st, 2015 Lyon-Martin merged with HealthRIGHT 360—a family of health centers and behavioral health programs serving communities throughout California. The partnership enables both organizations to maintain and expand culturally competent primary care and behavioral health services to women, lesbians and transgender people.While preserving each organization’s unique specializations and orientation to care, the strategic alliance bolsters both groups in the changing landscape of healthcare under the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

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