• Thanks to PROJECT HEALTH

    There is a national transgender medical consultation service for healthcare providers.

  • Thanks to PROJECT HEALTH

    • Over 60 medical students have been trained since 2008.
    • 93% used what they learned within 6 months.
    • Over half got involved in advocacy for transgender well-being.
  • Thanks to PROJECT HEALTH

    San Francisco removed all transgender exclusions from its policy for the uninsured.

  • Thanks to PROJECT HEALTH

    Humboldt County (a major employer and provider of health insurance) adopted employment nondiscrimination policies for transgender people.

  • Thanks to PROJECT HEALTH

    26 clinics have been trained and assisted since 2008.

We stand for equality in healthcare for the transgender community.

We work to expand and improve health care options for the transgender community.

We educate clinics and providers about how to give culturally sensitive, medically appropriate care.

We push for transgender equity at the state and local level.

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